Transformational Training Solutions: 



Designed to start a conference off with edu-tainment, motivation and fun, Transformational Coaching with Dr. Carol will energize and inspire your audience into action!  Whether it's an opening or closing session, I establish an authentic connection with your attendees that will continue beyond the stage.  I can spark lively and interactive discussions, provide helpful education/information, offer reassurance that they are in the right place at the right time and/or influence them to move in the direction of the topic for the day.  I work closely with my clients to find the perfect fit and bring a training that will Entertain, Educate, Empower and Enthrall your audience creating an unforgettable event.

My Favorite Trainings that I believe will deliver my "4 E's" are:

  •  Awaken the Genius Within; Living OUTside the Box
    • An experiential and motivational training from self-discovery to transformational empowerment
  • Change your Mindset; Change your Results
    • If how to's were enough, we would all be skinny, rich and happy...everyone is not, so why is that?
  • Start with WHY; How to Inspire your Team to ACTION
    • Based on Simon Sinek's "Start with WHY"
  • Building Lasting Business Relationships
    • How to network by showing interest in others using attraction marketing
  • The Best Way to Persuade is with your Ears
    • No one listens, we all want to talk....have fun with the "Art of Discovery" and make it all about them