Betty Tonsing., Ph.D

International Academic and Development Specialist

When I heard Dr. Carol Watson speak, I was in a packed assembly hall. She had the attention of everyone, and yet I was certain she was speaking directly to me. And she will speak directly to you as well. Dr. Watson is more than an accomplished speaker; she is more than her profound academic and professional background. She comes from the passion of what she believes, which is having the power to choose belief itself in one’s life. To have the power to turn off the negative messages we all carry in our heads and say ‘yes’ to the positive messages that we also carry once we ‘shove’ the untruths of our negativity out of the way. Her message is powerful; you will not forget her or her message.


Founder Pure Hope Foundation & Author, The Ultimate Source

Dr Carol is one of the most committed and knowledgeable people you could choose to help you reach your goals. She has the enthusiasm of a cheerleader and the strategic mind of a coach. She is trustworthy, loyal and full of wisdom. Choose Carol as your coach and transformation is right around the corner.


Nat'l Marketing Director, The Juice Plus Company

I want to send out a fabulous thank you to Dr. Carol Watson for her double event she did for us in Dallas.  EVERY person who attended both SOLD OUT events was inspired!  The Training on asking the right questions was astounding!  Her Health Seminar was fabulous.  She is very knowledgeable about the impact of good nutrition.  She is warm and made everyone feel ok about wherever they are on their health journey, yet encouraged us to take the next step. 


Columbus, OH


Barbara F.,  



Amy Jo


Tracy in Texas

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Carol. I was in tears as she basically described me. Size 26/28 with a thyroid condition, hot flashes, sore throat every month, can't walk far distances, have lots of arthritic-like conditions at 39. I was so pleased to hear that this lifestyle change works with thyroid medication. I thank her for the inspiration as she transparently shared her story. It helps keep me motivated to continue on this journey. I really appreciate it more than words can say. 


I was truly blessed to see Carol Watson’s presentation on “Awaken the Genius Within”.  Carol intrigued her audience as she challenged them to alleviate excuses and create a new story. She provided thought provoking exercises, inspiring quotes, and personal stories to increase personal awareness, purpose, passion, and courage.  Audience members were filled with laughter and tears as Carol inspired hearts and minds!

Dr Watson I just listened to your training on "The 4 Agreements" - WOW!! What you shared hit me right between the eyes!! Thank you for being willing to share!! This information is going to help me SO MUCH! Just thought you'd like to know you're appreciated. Thank you for your generosity! Have a great one! 

Awaken the Genius Within
My training with Dr. Carol was mind blowing to say the least. My greatest takeaway was how much I settle for things like a dog who takes the bone but really wants the steak. She gave me skills and tools to chip away at the belief systems and excuses that are keeping me from what I really want in life. I highly recommend training with Dr. Carol-you'll be better for it!

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