How to Stop Self-Limiting Lies and Defeating Behaviors

If our thoughts are based on God’s truth, and our emotions and actions flow from our thoughts, then our result would be positive behaviors and we would be content, peaceful and joy-filled, right?  So if our action/behavior isn't in alignment with what we want, we must first go back to our emotions which then take us back to our thoughts since EVERYthing begins with a thought. One must conclude then that we are believing lies if our actions aren't producing the results we want.

What does the Bible say about this? Paul says it best in 2 Corinthians 10: 5.  “… we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (NIV)

Here is an effective strategy I have found to take my thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ:

1)     When a negative thought comes into my head I STOP the thought – suspend it in midair.  Literally take the thought captive... It becomes my prisoner and I don’t let it back into my mind.

2)     I Say Out loud to the Lord, "Is this thought consistent with my knowledge of you?  Does this thought draw me closer to you and your righteousness?  Is it life-giving or life-taking? "

3)     I Surrender the emotion, the circumstance and the thought to the Lord.  I may say, “Lord, I feel frustrated and angry right now.  I surrender this situation to you.  I realize I am not in control of my circumstances or other people but I can control my own thoughts.”

4)     I Seek His face and wisdom and replace the lie (any thought not from Him, or not confirmed as truth) with His truth saying, “You are in control, Lord.”


Then I Ask God for what I need.

5)     “I need your Spirit right now, Lord, to fill my heart and mind".  Take 3 deep breaths and invite Holy Spirit to cleanse me from self-limiting lies and to fill me with His Spirit of Truth.  I ask Him to be my peace and my Counselor and to change my hearts desires.  I close my eyes (if possible) and breathe in God's Spirit and exhale the lies/anxiety (in with the "good," out with the "bad").

6)     “I need your Strength right now Lord to handle this situation."  I then go about my activity, praying that I will know God’s strength in the midst of difficulty or weakness.

7)     “I need to know your truth and receive your guidance.”  I open the Scriptures  and search for truth in my situation.

Equipped with the truth and God’s power, I can now release the negative thoughts and self-limiting lies.  By continuously choosing the truth, the appropriate emotions and the life-giving behaviors naturally flow. 


 Stop It Strategy: 

·      Stop the thought

·      Say Out loud to the Lord

·      Surrender the emotion

·      Seek His face and wisdom

·      Ask for His Spirit: 3 deep breaths

·      Ask for His Strength: Build strength

·      Ask for guidance: Read Scripture



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