Wounded to WARRIOR by Dr. Carol

Isn't it fascinating that I was well into my 40's when I discovered that "the obstacle is the way?"  For decades I allowed my ego to keep me in a box, a comfort zone of sorts.  If you would have asked me if I was happy and fulfilled, I would have said "yes."  Yet that place was dark, lonely and stifling!  A major shift took place when I realized that all the wounds from my past are just a part of my journey.  And you know what?  When I started embracing my seeming failures and all the pain, well, things changed!  I changed!  The obstacles I experienced became doorways to my healing.  The result?  The Warrior within me arose! 

The lies I had believed for years started untwisting and truth revealed. The chains of my self-imposed prison started breaking.   I was free to transform into all God created me to be.  Free from fear of opinions of others.  Free from an approval addiction that held me captive.  Free from fear of failure.  Free from fear of success.  In short, freedom and fulfillment became possible. I started believing "all things are possible to those who believe" and surrendered my pain to God.

Like Dorothy's ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz, I realized that everything I needed was IN me, all along!  Yes, buried deep in my heart, despite the callous wall I built in self-protection, it was there.  The Warrior was there all along.  A blueprint of strength and courage to face whatever comes my way. This was my anecdote to playing victim to imperfection, shame and the not-being-good-enough mindset. From wounded to warrior; this is where my Blog begins.

What we fear most is not our simple-mindedness but our lofty dreams and goals.  We don't fear our shortcomings as much as we do our strengths, talents and gifts.  Embracing the warrior within allows us to step into our greatness, all to the glory of God.  I made a decision that I will not be less than who I am for anybody.  

It is because of this decision that I am bold enough to come to you with this blog.  Not because I am somebody special but because YOU ARE SPECIAL. My hope and prayer is that you also will choose to surrender your wounds to the Warrior within you!  Have you ever read, "A Course in Miracles?"  If so, you will know that "when you become willing to hide nothing, you will understand peace and joy."  Let's have the courage and willingness to be vulnerable.  It is my goal to be transparent with you in my blog.  It is my experience that when I reveal my thoughts and challenges with others; a like-minded connection is made. I invite you to partner with me to create a community of Warriors that are beacons of hope for others.  People are looking for someone to follow, why not you?  Why not me?  From Wounded to Warrior; now that gives me hope.  How about you?

Stay tuned for my future blogs that will Equip, Empower and Encourage you on topics of Nutrition, Healthy Recipes, Spiritual Growth and Breaking through your Walls to Freedom and Fulfillment!

Your partner in transformation,

Dr. Carol

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