"I just don't feel like it." 

Do you ever find yourself in one of those kinds of moods?  The self-dialogue goes something like, "I can get it done tomorrow."  Or, "it really isn't that important."  Or, "I don't know what I was thinking when I said 'yes' to this project."




These all add up to lack of commitment to do whatever it takes to see it through!  The result is shame, guilt and a self-perpetuating cycle of defeat!  We have ALL been there-done that, right?

I was recently reaching for a goal that I had set; on a timeline.  It was coming down to the deadline and I began with all the excuses.  "I can't, what if, I don't have time, I don't feel good, I'm not getting support, no one cares anyway"....yada yada yada!!!  It is a very good thing that at the outset of my goal, I committed to what is referred to as "Level 5 commitment!"  I had counted the cost and my intention was to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to realize my dream/goal. 

So, I got out of bed and said out loud, "Today is the day Carol; you WILL get this done!  No excuses!"  I turned OFF my phone and shut myself in my office until the project was the risk of family and friends thinking whatever they were going to think (when it comes down to it, do I really have any control over what others think anyway?  NO, so I might as well do what I feel God is calling me to do and let go of the "people approval."  Watch for this topic in a future blog...OMG....could I go on and on here....but I won't; not yet, stay tuned)!

This type of mindset, posture and decision sets you free from thoughts of failure and automatically creates a shift in focus on how to accomplish your goal rather than why it may not turn out!

See my chart below which describes the 5 Levels of Commitment and see where you may fall in your current mindset and intention (one of my future blogs will be on the power of intention...stay tuned for that too)!  When I was first exposed to this concept, I realized that MOST of the time, I lived in Level 4 commitment!  Oh heck yes, I was committed....UNLESS something of a more urgent nature, or more comfortable or more appealing presented itself.  Level 5 says, "I can and I will do whatever it takes to see this to completion."

And you know what?  As a result of being more intentional with Level 5 commitments, not only do I feel good about me, but others know they can count on me.  AND, living in integrity is in alignment with one of my core values! 


“I just don't care.”  "I don't want to be here."

This is like NO commitment at all! These people have been hurt or disappointed so much that their natural defense is to say they don't care.  The reality is that most of the time they do; they just don't want to be disappointed again.


“I want to, I hope for, I wish for...but I don’t want to make the effort.”

This level of commitment is a little higher but represents a reluctance to take action. These folks want a better relationship, more money, more time, but they fail to formulate an effective plan of action.


“I’ll try. I might. Maybe. Probably...”

The middle level of commitment indicates a willingness to make a change and to take action. However, “to try” is to allow room for excuses and failure. These people will generally just "do enough to get by.”


“I am committed unless....."

This is a higher level of commitment and these folks will get started with their action plan. BUT, it still contains an escape route to failure. These folks always have excuses for why they can't finish or complete; many times they become a victim rather than take responsibility!


“I will do whatever it takes.”

Declaring intention to complete the goal no matter the prices necessary to pay to finish.  Such a person consistently follows through on plans without making excuses for less-than-desirable results. Failure is not an option!

How about you?  Do you do what you say you will?  Is it time to re-evaluate?  I challenge you to a Level 5 commitment today.  This can start with something as simple as doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to follow through on something you told your spouse, your child or your boss you would do!  JUST DO IT and live in integrity with your word!  #DWIT!

Your Transformation Coach, 

Dr. Carol

All rights reserved.  Copyright 2017 by Carol Watson RN, ND