What You FOCUS On Expands!

I learned a powerfully transformational lesson in my journey of self-discovery that I want to share with you. WHATEVER YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS (in your mind)! And what we focus on, we become! You see, wherever we put our energies or our attention, those things will develop. Another way I like to say it is, "Where the mind goes, the energy flows and, the man follows!"

If I begin to think about potato chips, I will soon find myself literally getting in my car to go get some (since I no longer keep them in my home as they are my “addiction food.”). My thought will stir my desires and emotions, and I will make the decision to follow them. This is the way it works folks! I hope you get this; this truly is a transformational thought process!


If we focus only on the negative in our lives, we become negative people. Everything, including our conversations, becomes negative. We soon lose our joy and live miserable lives (and no one wants to be around someone like this, fyi)--and it all started with our own thinking.

You might be experiencing some problems in your life right now? AND, you may not realize that you are creating them yourself by what you're choosing to think about (whether consciously or subconsciously). I challenge you to think about what you're thinking about! And I challenge myself even further with this, “Don’t believe a thought you think Carol.” Why? Because the majority of my thoughts are based on lies and I tend to tell myself the same lies over and over all day long! “You’re not enough.” “You’re not pretty.” “No one likes you.” Sound familiar?

You might be discouraged and even depressed and wonder how you got to your present state of affairs. Yet, IF you will examine your thought life, you will find that you are feeding the negative emotions you are feeling. Negative thoughts are fuel for discouragement, depression, and many other unpleasant emotions.

Friends, we need to choose our thoughts carefully. We can think about what is wrong with our lives or about what is right with them. We can think about what is wrong with all the people we are in relationship with or we can see the good and focus on that. The Bible teaches us to always believe the best. When we do that, it makes our own lives happier and more peaceful.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things. Philippians 4:8

Your Transformation Coach, Dr. Carol

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