The decision that changed my life...


For years I struggled with over-eating, food addiction, binge-eating or whatever label you want to put on it!  I lived to eat. I did not eat to live! This goes back to childhood. I remember “sneaking” food into my bedroom as young as age 4 or 5! Why? I don’t know? If I am 100% authentic, I still don’t know to this day. Everyone wants to know why? Stress?  Emotions? Victim of abuse? I don’t know and honestly, I don’t care anymore!  I could blame my parents and the “obesity gene.” I could blame being an over-looked middle child.  I could blame being made fun of at an early age already for being “chubby.” OR, I could take self-responsibility.  I could stop trying to figure out why and I could make a decision that would change my life forever!  As in the words of Andy Andrews, The Travelers Gift; 7 Decisions that determine Personal Success, “The Buck Stops Here!”  Oh baby oh baby, THAT’S WHAT I DID; I MADE A DECISION and then…well, keep reading!

I believe in a God of second chances. I believe that my past does not determine my potential (or yours)! I believe that life is a series of choices.  Good or bad; we pay the consequences of those decisions.  I have made lots of poor choices; many of them!  Can you relate? Things that at the time seemed “right” but in the end, led to destruction. So how do we make better decisions? Take responsibility.  Let the “mistakes” go. Get informed. Surround ourselves with people who have walked a similar road and gained helpful wisdom. Pray. Trust. Learn from our seeming mistakes (I don’t believe any circumstance or decision in my life is a mistake; it was merely a stepping stone to who I have become today). Invest in personal growth because the more confident we are in our self-worth and value; the better decisions we make. These are ALL things I did to help me in my self-discovery journey. These were decisions I made to support me through my journey to MINDful Transformation.

So back to that decision I made. I have been on many, many diets in the past. I lost and gained hundreds of pounds over the years. I even had gastric by-pass back in 1989 when I was only 31 years old (now you can figure out how old I am)!  NONE of them worked long-term because I didn’t pay attention to my thoughts! I followed the program like a good student (I love rules)! I starved myself.  I deprived myself.  I journaled. I tracked. I exercised.  I prayed.  I went to support groups. HOWEVER, I discovered that you can have the best “diet” in the world, but you won’t succeed unless you transform your thoughts.  Transform your thoughts about YOU while changing your habits. And, this pertains to life, love, finances and business decisions too! That’s what I did! That was my big decision.  

I began to invest in my personal growth. I realized that for me to change; I didn’t need another “how-to,” I needed to change the way I think. And, I needed a coach to help hold me accountable, so I hired one. At various times in my journey I hired a coach to support me in that phase of my holistic journey to become all God created me to be, body, mind and spirit! And by the way, no, I have not arrived; I am on this journey with you!  You see, there are systems and programs for nearly everything, yet, people are not realizing their dreams or reaching their goals. This is where MINDful Transformation enters my life and yours. This is where I know I can help coach you; because I have lived it!  Do you want to learn more about the decision I made that changed everything and the transformational tips I learned along the way?

You and I will begin this journey together with my free “JumpStart with a N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T.”  Oh my friends, I have SO much more to share with you. I so want to help support you in your own MINDful Transformation to be the best possible version of you.  I know what hopelessness feels like.  I know what failure feels like.  I know what being stuck and frustrated feels like.  I know what “sick and tired” feels like. So here is what I am asking you to do; subscribe to my freebie now, “JumpStart with a N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T.” Within each letter of this acronym, I have transformational tips to help you get the results you want in 2018 and beyond!

Don’t delay. It’s FREE!  As a Critical Care nurse of nearly 20 years and as a Doctor of Naturopathy since 2001 helping hundreds of people restore health and vitality, and now as a Certified LifeCoach supporting women in breaking through their self-imposed walls to freedom and fulfillment, I promise to do my very best to transparently share my expertise and experience. You will be empowered. Hope will be restored.  You will experience your own MINDful Transformation to live energetically free and fulfilledAnd God will get the glory!

Are you ready?

Transforming Together,

Dr. Carol

Transformational Coaching with Dr. Carol

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